Wettie Ocean Armour 5mm Predator Camo




This suit has the extra features of wrist & ankle seals, added panels in the limbs to import the fit & elbow pads.
•The knees & elbows have been structured for improved comfort & strength with ‘powertex’ padding.•This material is hard wearing but still offers maximum flexibility.•The jacket has an attached hood, special Wettie ‘anti slip’ loading pad, double nylon along the base & beaver tail of the jacket for extra strength, wrist & face seals plus 2 x beaver tail clips to keep water out.•The long johns are available in ‘overall’/’farmer john’ over the shoulder style with fitted knife pouch on the right leg & ankle seals.•These long johns also have powertex tough knee pads
All Ocean Armour full suits come with a free iki spike to fit in the knife pouch
Buy this suit with the confidence that the team at Wettie are the leaders in their field, unparalleled in quality & design and have come up with a product you will be warm and comfortable in.Enjoy your dive

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