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Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a Scuba Instructor

Dive Deeper: Addressing Your Questions and Concerns about the Scuba Instructor Course

Q1: Why should I become a Scuba Instructor? 
A: Want to LOVE what you do everyday? Don't want to sit behind a computer screen all day? Become a scuba instructor to transform your passion for the water into a fulfilling career, where you not only share the beauty of the oceans but also inspire others to explore and protect this incredible world. Working outside in the salt and the sun each day - nothing beats it! 

Q2: What are the prerequisites for enrolling in a scuba instructor course?
A: Candidates must be at least 18 years old or turning 18 during the year of study. You must also be able to pass a recreational dive medical.

Q3: Can I work internationally as a certified scuba instructor?
A: Yes - the world is your oyster! The PADI certification is recognized globally. There are approx. 188 countries you will be eligible to work in. We have graduates working in the Maldives, Australia, Japan, USA & NZ. 

Q4: Are there job opportunities after completing the scuba instructor course?
A: You'll get a job! There are 300+ jobs for instructors on the PADI Job board today! We can help students get into jobs after the course with our contacts in NZ & Aus. Ultimately depends on your individual's efforts and networking throughout the year. 

Q5: How much does a scuba instructor get paid? 
A: You can earn the big bucks working as an instructor on a super yacht! It really depends where you are; Instructors in NZ working at a Dive Center would start out on about $27-30/h this would increase quickly with the more experience you get. i.e.; skippers tickets, higher instructor qualifications, servicing qualifications etc.

Q6: How long is the course? A: 44 Weeks. In just under 1 year of study we take you through learning to dive with your first 3 recreational courses, Open Water, Advanced and Rescue. Then we head into the professional courses, Dive Master, Scuba instructor and Specialty Instructor.

Q7: I've never been diving before, can I still do the course? A: Yes you can. No experience is required, we will teach you everything you need to become the best diver and instructor you can be while on the course.

Q8: What is the cost of a scuba instructor course, and does it include all necessary materials and equipment? A: The cost of the course is $18,900 including all materials and 3x away trips. You are encouraged to purchase your own dive gears when you reach Dive Master level. Depending on what gear you choose this can cost between $3k-6k. We will give you 15% off all gear in our store to help you out with purchasing your dive gears. 

Q9: Where is the course located? A: Our Dive center is located in Waipapa, Kerikeri Northland. We have lots of students who are local or who drive from Whangarei or Kaitaia. We also have students who move to Kerikeri for the course. Please note: we do not provide accommodation for students, this is up to the individual to arrange for themselves. 

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