Matauri Bay

Our local little beach dive spot. A very pretty and easy dive with depth range of 2m-12m. Matauri will keep you coming back with so much reef to explore and so easy to dive this is our top training site. It is home to a huge variety of life, including crested weed fish, mantis shrimp, nudibranch, squid, porcupine fish as well as the usual suspects.

This is a fantastic spot for Discover scuba dives or refresher dives.

Bookings are essential for all trips, & full payment is required to secure your booking.  Please note that Payments are only refundable if the trip is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.
All participants must be certified to a minimum level of PADI Open Water Diver (or equivalent).  
Use of your own wetsuit, BCD &/or regulators is subject to a safety inspection prior to departure.  If you would like to use your own BCD, you must be equipped with a visual signalling device (safety sausage or similar), an audible signalling device (whistle) & a dive knife or line cutting tool.  Your BCD/regs must also contain an alternate air source (octi).
We reserve the right to refuse use of any equipment that does not meet our inspection standards in the interest of your safety.


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