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The Right Fit

There is nothing better than finding that perfect wetsuit, BCD or mask, that fits you just perfectly. It becomes one with you as you dive and it makes your dive experience sooooo much better. So often people dive in gear that is too big or just the wrong shape for their body and then they struggle to maintain body position in the water or they get cold or their mask leaks and this then makes the whole dive unenjoyable, and even worse it can put someone off diving altogether!!!! Everyone is diffe...

November 3, 2020

Let's talk Tanks

Tank Testing Getting your scuba tank tested is a bit like getting a WOF for your car, it's required by law and it is done to ensure your tank is safe for us to fill, and for you to use. There are two types of test that need to be done here in NZ, the first is the Visual test, this test involves looking inside/outside your tank for any signs of deterioration or damage. The visual test is done annually. The other test that is done is the Hydrostatic test, This test involves filling the tank w...

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